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The Nutrition Factors Business Portal helps organizations drive additional revenues through our nutrition, fitness, and wellness platform. Allow fitness and gym members access to weekly meal plans, personalized workout programs as well as a connection to our community of Dietitians, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Fitness Trainers, Holistic and Wellness Providers. Programs are overseen by a Nutrition Factors Coach assigned to assist in program setup, coach training, and potential one-on-one Coaching Sessions.


Unlock New Revenue Potential

Boost revenue by connecting fitness to nutrition and wellness. Drive new revenue potential through new nutrition and wellness services. With Nutrition Factors, businesses are able to increase monthly fees and offer individualized coaching plans for nutrition while bettering the member’s gym experience.

New Recurring Revenues
Charge $9.99 to $14.99 / month for member access to new nutrition and fitness services. You
have the flexibility to charge your own fees.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching
Use your trainers or tap into our community of coaches to expand your nutrition services. Charge additional fees for member-specific needs.

Increase Member Engagement
Nutrition Factors tools can be accessed anywhere, anytime allowing members to stay
connected to your gym at all times!

Your Coaches or Ours 

Short on a qualified coaching staff? Tap into our network and connect with many coaches from different professions.

It Begins With World-Class Wellness Tools

Personalize Your Client’s Wellness Experience

The Nutrition Factors Coaching Portal is easily adaptable to tailor fit the varying needs and preferences of your business. Our virtual support platform is perfect for adding credibility, quality content,  and cutting-edge technology to your business. 

Your Business Portal comes equipped with the following tools!


7 Day GRID Meal Planner

Database of Prepared Meal Plans

Recipe Database

Meal Prep Guide

Shopping List and Grocer Links


Nutrition Factors Library

Coach Resource Library

Classes and Courses

Weekly Webinars


Upgradeable Feature

Online Coaching for Individualized Workout Plans

Virtual Personal Trainer w/ over      4000 Exercises

Activity Tracker

Body Composition Monitor


Coach referred NF Clients

15-min Weekly Coaching        Sessions

Earn Commissions


HIPPA Compliant Telehealth Webportal

Guided Assessments & Coaching Forms

Instant Billing

Client Scheduling


Health Coach Certification

CDC Diabetes Prevention Program [DDP]

* sold separately

And it works because of a superior value proposition

Partner Affiliate Program

Generate Revenue

Nutrition Factors is committed to supplying our Business Partners with the tools, services, and products that help generate a revenue stream beyond the regular day to day coaching fees.   Therefore, we have created a “Partner Affiliate Program”.  We have made it possible for the Partner to earn extra revenue from Nutrition Factors’  membership subscriptions and product sales. Therefore, we’ve put together a revenue-generating package to help our Partners build additional revenue. Participation in the “Affiliate Partner Program” is optional. The Coaching Portal can be used independently of the Partner Affiliate Program. But, who wouldn’t want to earn extra cash?


The main revenue stream from your business comes from the products and services you currently sell. However, you can increase revenue with the Nutrition Factors platform by offering nutritional services.  You can set your own price for individualized coaching, challenges, programs, health fairs etc. You keep 100% of the coaching fees from your own clients.  Clients can be billed at the time of service through the secure telehealth portal, and funds go directly to your bank account.

Membership Subscriptions

There are only so many billable hours in a day and business time is precious. Free up your schedule while keeping the clock ticking on billable hours by signing up clients for our monthly subscription programs. Your business will earn ongoing commissions all year long, even when you’re off the clock. Pick and choose the services that are specific to your client’s needs. Nutrition Factor’s client memberships complement any Health Professional’s business.


Earn additional revenue from the sales of health and wellness products. Partners earn commissions from one-time purchases or on monthly subcriptions. Commission varies from product to product.  Products can be sold either online or from your brick and mortar business. No need to purchase costly inventory. Nutrition Factors will ship directly to your client at the time of sale.


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