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Nutrition Factors offers a HIPAA compliant nutrition, fitness, and wellness platform that automates your coaching business and connects you, (the Provider/Coach) to your clients.

Our mission is to elevate wellness through a network of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and other Healthcare providers.  How do we do this?  By providing tools to professionals that help their clients sustain healthy food choices, stay fit for life, and optimize wellness.

The Nutrition Factors Platform

Use Our World-Class Platform as a Back-Office Support System for Your Wellness Practice!

Work independently, create a team, or join an existing team of Provider/Coach Partners to broaden the services offered to your clients.

Benefits of Using the Nutrition Factors Platform

  • Provides automation for your business
  • Communicate securely online with clients
  • Assessment forms for your practice
  • Behavioral modification modules
  • Easy to use GRID DIET menu planning software
  • Create easy to use fitness routines
  • Monitor clients activity though wearables 24/7
  • Impressive professional support media that makes you look good

Expand Your Business and Create New Relationships!       

  • Network with other health and wellness professionals
  • Grow your business exponentially with online telehealth
  • Create new revenue streams outside of your geographical area
  • Run your business from anywhere in the world

Engage Your Clients

  • Keep your clients connected and engaged daily
  • Fresh content and new ideas
  • Daily connections between coach and client reinforces accountability, supports goals, and increases success rate.

It Begins With World-Class Wellness Tools

Personalize Your Client’s Wellness Experience

The Nutrition Factors platform is easily adaptable to tailor fit the varying needs and preferences of your business. Our virtual support platform is perfect for adding credibility, quality content,  and cutting-edge technology to your business. 

Your Coaching Portal Comes Equipped with the Following Tools!

Healthy Living Tools

1000’s of Recipes

Recipe Nutrition Profile

7 Day Menu Planner

Shopping List with Grocer Links

Weekly Meal Plans from a Dietitian

Kitchen Makeover

Healthy Products Store

Meal Prep Guide

Education Database

Nutrition Facts Library

Raw Foods Nutrient Profiles

Vitamin & Mineral Facts

Glycemic Index

Cutting Edge Content

Weight Control

GRID Menu Planner
Step by Step Guide to Weight Loss
Complete Lifestyle Protein


Onsite or Online Coaching


Automated Lead Generation

Telehealth ( HIPAA Compliant )

Instant Billing

Client Scheduling

Wearables & Trackers

Virtual Personal Trainer
Fitness APP with over 4000 Exercises
Activity Tracker *
Body Composition Monitor *
Connect with your Personal Coach
Food Tracker



Blog Posts

Weekly Newsletters

Educational Videos

Health Tips

Motivational Challenges

* sold separately

The Partner Coaching Portal is Sustained by World-Class Business Tools

Back Office

  • Sales Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Commission Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Schedule Link
  • Link to clearinghouse superbills for insurance claims


  • Connect-A-Coach
  • Online Health Services
  • Video Chat
  • Instant Billing
  • Group conferences
  • 3 way chat
  • File transfer

Social Media

  • Robust Ecosystem
  • Media Content

Cloud Base Team Service

  • Create or Join a Team
  • Work with Other Coaches World-wide

And It Works Because Of A Superior Value Proposition

Partner Affiliate Program

Generate Revenue

Nutrition Factors is committed to supplying our Provider/Coach Partners with the tools, services, and products that help generate a revenue stream beyond the Partner’s day to day coaching fees.   Therefore, we have created a “Partner Affiliate Program”.  We have made it possible for the Partner to earn extra revenue from Nutrition Factors’  membership subscriptions and product sales. Therefore, we’ve put together a revenue-generating package to help our Partners succeed financially. Participation in the “Affiliate Partner Program” is optional. The Coaching Portal can be used independently of the Partner Affiliate Program. But, who wouldn’t want to earn extra cash?


The main revenue stream from your coaching business comes from your personal coaching fees. With the Nutrition Factors platform you can set your own price for individualized coaching, challenges, programs, health fairs etc. You keep 100% of the coaching fees from your own clients.  Clients can be billed at the time of service through the secure telehealth portal, and funds go directly to your bank account.

Membership Subscriptions

There are only so many billable hours in a day and your time is precious. Free up your schedule while keeping the clock ticking on billable hours by signing up clients for our monthly subscription programs. You’ll earn ongoing commissions all year long, even when you’re off the clock. Pick and choose the services that are specific to your client’s needs. Nutrition Factor’s client memberships complement any Health Professional’s business.


Earn additional revenue from the sales of health and wellness products. Partners earn commissions from one-time purchases or on monthly subcriptions. Commission varies from product to product.  Products can be sold either online or from your brick and mortar business. No need to purchase costly inventory. Nutrition Factors will ship directly to your client at the time of sale.


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